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CARROT Sticker Pack

Sarcastic A.I. construct CARROT is back with a sticker pack that will help you convince your friends that you're actually funny.

You get 70+ hilariously snarky stickers full of pop culture references, rainbow-barfing unicorns, and accidental mushroom clouds. Need to tell your significant other that they're pretty on the inside? There's a sticker for that. Ready to inform your boss that you are done professionally? CARROT's got you covered. Dying to point out to your political opponent that you were just being sarcastic (but not that sarcastic)? Yep, that sticker's in there.

You are never gonna have more fun trolling your family, friends, coworkers, and archnemeses.

CARROT Sticker Pack is now available for $1.99 on the App Store for iMessage.

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Individual Stickers, Screenshots, Promo Art, Hi-Res Icon (3.6 MB)


CARROT was lovingly crafted by Brian Mueller.

For press inquiries, please email or get in touch with CARROT directly on Twitter via @CARROT_app.